96 Channel Pipetters and Carousels

When all titer dish samples are to receive identical treatment, simultaneous 96 channel pipetting is optimal. Not only do the samples truly receive identical processing, but process time is significantly reduced. A number of manufacturers, including Robbins and Tomtec, manufacture 96 and 384 well pipetting systems. Coupled with Fiore's custom control software, these instruments are laboratory workhorses. Pipetting protocols are easily constructed and saved for subsequent execution. Executed programs guide the user through machine operation by requesting plate changes. The user simply responds with a key presses to step through the protocol. Protocols can be composed from commands such as Transfer, Aspirate, Dispense, Empty, Wash, SetTime, and Pause. The following is an example command line from the Transfer command:

Transfer 150microL from MySrce to MyDest w/10 microL blowout w/oTouch

The resulting instrument program reads like the protocol, thus aiding first time users.

For unattended operation Fiore offers an integrated 12-position carousel. Driven by the user-saved program, the control software will specify placement of up to 12 plates along the perimeter of the carousel (see below). From this point, the machine operates unattended until the protocol encounters an unavailable plate. The user removes processed plates and loads the next batch. Unattended operation reduces variability due to delays between time critical operations. Additional modules can be mounted along the perimeter of the carousel for specialized applications. The Tecan Quadra and Robbins Hydra96 are briefly described below.

Tomtec Quadra

The Tomtec Quadra pipetter features disposable tips, 500 microliter volumes, tip touch, and rapid fill and dispensing. Other volumes and configurations are available.

Robbins Hydra96

Robbins Hydra96: The Robbins pipetter features fixed tips, 500 microliter volumes (100 and 300 are also available), high precision fluid handling. Other configurations are available.


Fiore's Control Software

Fiore's control software displays current status and allows the user to pause or abort operation at will. To continue with semi-completed protocols, the user is able to select the run time starting point. Run time protocols are easily integrated with Laboratory Information Management Systems.



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