Double Stroke Shear Device

The Double Stroke Shear Device (DSSD) was designed to provide a convenient method for shearing DNA into desired fragment sizes. The DSSD is a very cost effective instrument for library production. Advantages of the DSSD include disposable syringes, excellent control of fluid flow due to the reduction of air from the fluid system, and high sample recovery. Using disposable syringes, one can expect to achieve mean fragment sizes in the 1500 bp range. Furthermore, 500 to 750 bp mean fragment sizes have been realized when using DSpecial1 syringes.




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Double Stroke Shearing Device version 1.0 Includes: DSSD instrument, 2 disposable Tuberculin syringes, 3 shearing chambers, power cable, serial cables, operator's manual, and PC control software (Windows 9X, NT4, 2K).

No longer available

DSSDv1.0 - upgrade

Same as above except this is a retrofit of existing HydraShear instruments.

No longer available


DSSD Shearing Chamber. Please specify XXXX size when ordering. Sizes: 0016, 0020, 0025, 0030, 0035, 0040, 0045, 0050, 0055

No longer available

DSSD DSpecial1

Custom non-disposable syringe used to obtain DNA fragment sizes in the 500 to 1000 bp range.

No longer available

DSSD F309602

Disposable 1ml syringe

No longer available


Fiore Automation, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT