Laboratory Processes: Based upon years of laboratory automation experience, Fiore has a wealth of applicable automation experience in:

  • Cell growth
  • Colony picking
  • Direct Transfer Electrophoresis
  • DNA purification
  • DNA shearing
  • Electro-blotting
  • Electrophoresis
  • Fluorescent imaging
  • Hybridization
  • Sample filtration
  • Sample handling
  • Temperature control


Instrumentation: Fiore is continually expanding its instrumentation expertise. The following is a list of instruments for which software has been written and whose reliability has been proven by years of laboratory use:

  • Beckman Multimek
  • Cartesian Technologies PixSys 3200
  • Cavro robots and syringe pumps
  • CCS PlateStak
  • DVT imaging systems
  • Festo automation components
  • Galil motion controllers
  • Genetix colony pickers
  • IMS motion controllers
  • Kendro automated incubators and hotels
  • Keyence barcode readers
  • National Instruments hardware
  • ORCA laboratory robot and dispensers
  • OMEGA temperature controllers
  • Parker/Daedal motion control products
  • PixelVision CCD cameras
  • Robbins Hydra dispensers
  • Symbol barcode readers
  • Tomtec Quadra dispensers
  • Tecan pipetting robots
  • Custom devices

Fiore Automation will use commercially available instruments, specialized equipment licensed from research institutions, and in-house designed equipment to recommend and implement the appropriate level of automation to suit the customer’s needs and budget. Implementation includes creation of instrument control software that is optimized for the proposed protocol and integrated into the Laboratory Information Management System of choice.





Fiore Automation, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT